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A common area of modification that is largely ignored when it comes to UTVs is the electrical system.  Much attention is given to performance parts like exhaust systems, air intakes and clutch kits and it seems everyone is out to add a Can Am Commander lift, add some larger tires and doors, and sometimes seriuos suspension modifications.  However, if you’re going to modify your Commander for performance reasons, its important to pay attention to the ignition and other electrical components like the fuel controller and a power steering system to keep the vehicle under control.  Below are a few of our favorite electrical mods for the Commander.

Two Brothers is best known for their performance exhaust systems, but their “Juice Box” fuel control module is one of the best on the market.  The box includes fuel map storage, computer optional full customization and PC based tuning capabilities to customize your Commander’s fuel flow to perfectly suit your application.  There is memory capacity for up to 10 custom fuel maps for virtually limitless tuning potential.  Two Brothers direct injector control technology allows the fuel mixture to be made as much as 100% leaner or up to 250% richer throughout any part of the power band.  This sis a stand alone unit, nothing else is required, just plug it in and start customizing.

Of course, all the performance in the world doesn’t make any difference if you can’t keep it under control. SuperATV’s power steering unit for the Commander is an excellent upgrade for those Commander’s not outfitted with Can Am’s excellent Dynamic Power Steering system.  This unit bolts right into  your Commander’s existing steering linkage and uses a powerful motor with a state of the art sensor that increases steering torque output when it senses added pressure against the vehicle’s tires.  It is the perfect system for racers, rock crawlers and desert riders alike. It can also be used with billet steering racks for the ultimate heavy duty steering system.  For these and dozens of other high quality electrical mods for your Commander, and hundreds of other Can Am Commander Accessories, visit www.sbsparts.com.