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The moment your company has hired a private jet plane, it is the right time for you to get started with looking around for hiring best pilot. You may have to consider few points when hiring any Pilot.

It is obvious that the life of the people who will be using your private Jet will depend on the Pilots efficiency. It is important to take the right decision between older one of experienced one. Some people may also prefer hiring new pilots for their private jet.

Experience level

When speaking of Pilot jets, this is one of the most important aspects to consider. This aspect has to be considered the moment you are interviewing a new pilot. This does not mean that you may have to consider fly time alone. It is also important to collect details related to the types of aircraft the Pilot is comfortable with flying.

You also have to collect details of total flight hours he holds to his credit. It is also ideal to collect details about the past recruiters and companies that had hired him.

You can also try and collect details of the area of experience including commercial or service industry. Look into the type of training sessions he has completed in the past.

Hiring more than one Pilot

In case you are interested in hiring more than one pilot for your aircraft, then it is advisable to try and hire a professional team. It is best to hire one professional and experienced pilot while the second one can be a trainer or a new recruit who can assist him.

It is ideal to select one who has competed aptitude test for pilots successfully from reputable institute. One of the main benefits of hiring professional team is that they are already used to working in coordination with each other. This will ensure that they go on well with their work. There are also chances that a new learner pilot will be able to notice minor details that may have been overlooked by experienced pilot. You also need to keep in mind that in general, experienced pilots will depend more on the co-pilots assistance for performing pre-flight check-ups.

So it is always ideal to have motivated new recruit pilot and an experienced pilot as a team who can fly your jet liner with safety. This will also avoid any delays in flight if your experienced pilot is not able to make it on time.

Other points to consider

It is also important to consider the type of customer service your pilot is willing to offer. It is important to hire one who is always willing to offer with last minute help and assistance. He should be able to assist you and your team with out of the cock pit services.

Some of the experienced pilot will also be able to assist you with ground services, check outs and arrange for ground transport for transit to and from airport.

When hiring a pilot you also need to consider one who is aware of the crew duties.