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When you are pregnant you are happy but at the same time, some element of confusion can creep in as well. The reason being you are in a position to figure out what are normal changes and which provide to be a major cause for concern. One of the changes is a vaginal discharge that can vary in intensity and frequency during the tenure of pregnancy.

The expectation

The earliest signs in terms of pregnancy have to be a vaginal discharge. This is a symptom that you might find throughout the course of pregnancy. The moment a woman becomes pregnant the vagina does go on to take a personality of its very own. What is leukorrhea during pregnancy and it could be termed as the normal white discharge? There are going to be changed in the vaginal discharge and this is going to emerge after a couple of weeks since the conception. This could even take place before you might have gone on to miss your period. Once the pregnancy progresses the discharge becomes more noticeable and it happens to be at the peak during the last stages of pregnancy. A panty liner and that too an unscented one would be great. It is suggested to keep away from tampons during pregnancy.

In the weeks leading up to pregnancy, there could be wide steaks of blood known as the show. It would go on to point to the early occurrence of labour and there is no cause of worry. So leukorrhea in pregnancy is nothing something to be worried.

What are the main reasons why changes in vaginal discharge occur?

Vaginal flow does take place throughout the menstrual cycle of a woman and a lot of it could be attributed to the fluctuation in the levels of the hormone. The moment you do become pregnant hormones does go on to play an important role in the vaginal discharge.

If any changes to the cervix occur during pregnancy it also goes on to have an impact on the vaginal discharge. Once the vaginal wall along with the cervix begins to soften, the body does go on to produce more discharges and this would prevent any infection. The head of the baby is also going to press against the cervix once you are about to reach the fag end of pregnancy. All this would lead to an increase in vaginal discharge.

What is the right time to get in touch with your doctor?

It would be always better to make your health care provider aware of any form of abnormal discharge occurs. There are chances it could be a sign of infection with your pregnancy as well. There are some signs of infection such as

  • A yellow or grey colour
  • If the discharge is accompanied by a degree of swelling

When abnormal discharge occurs it could point to the occurrence of an infection. It has been found out that yeast infections are pretty much common during the course of pregnancy.