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There are different forms and models of how to generate extra money from home,  of course you need a computer and internet connection, today I will tell you the different methods you can use to earn extra money.

1. Earn Extra Money Online with Networking

When it comes to any business, whether online or offline, one of the most important activities is networking. It is through networking to build relationships with peers and through building business relationships that will make money in the long run. You can expect to win business, recommendation or a simple link that leads back to your website through networking. This system will help in how to generate extra money , and best of all offers.

2. SEO Learning

If you learn SEO, this serves to make websites reach the top of Google, the higher is the best ranking, then you can learn SEO, and offer your SEO services to various companies, you can be in your area, in your country or any person on the Internet. Many paid dearly for these services, but as I say you have to learn to do SEO to generate extra money .

3. Web Design

Not unlike SEO for your site, you can use your free time on weekends to add / make some changes in the vision of web sites in order to make it more appealing to your audience. Maybe you know someone who needs to create your website, then you enter there, as you say may be the client to find in your own town, or the Internet, and you offer yourself as a web designer. That is also necessary to learn how to design web pages and learn a bit of marketing to sell, so your client will hire you.

4. Earn Extra Money as an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to sell products and know how to earn extra money online without having to build online stores. In this strategy, the owners of sites or blogs are simply asked to generate traffic and get your visitors to buy or enroll for services offered by subsidiaries. Some affiliate marketing sites offer additional or all functions, such as rewards, while others simply offer commissions or other payment systems services.

5. Creating your Book and Sell it

This can be done if you are expert in some field, for example if you are a lawyer then create your book on a topic that you know firms and sell, then you can also do this online, sell the same book on the Internet, you do not have to worry about shipping or the like, because the Internet does it for you.