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Helping your team succeed is something that every business manager wants to do better. Sadly, many employees report that they are grumpy with their job. Fixing this problem requires understanding brain psychology. There are generally two models that are commonly accepted by practicing psychologists. One is the Freudian view. The Freudian view is that we are acted on by the environment and we respond to it based on unacknowledged internal cravings like the id and ego. Jungian psychology holds that we have natural brain traits that can change a little as we grow, but generally stay the same over time. The second model is less widely accepted by professional psychologists, though many do know it.

Myers-Briggs Types

Dr. Dario Nardi of UCLA has done extensive research on the subject of psychological type. He has come up with an accurate professional and free Jungian test that can be easily administered to your employees. Putting people where their brain is best suited requires knowing the classification of their brain type. Many workplaces operate on the notion that there are basically two types of brains. That would be the extroverts and the introverts. This is partly true, but it is a gross oversimplification. An intuitive feeling introvert is far different from a sensing rational introvert. Both will do best in different kinds of employment. If you assume that all introverts are the same, you will be deeply disappointed when one or both of the brains does not fulfill the mental requirements for performance of the particular tasks required.

Realtime Team Communication

Apps like Slack can help your team talk with each other remotely, that way you can make sure that your product manager isn’t also attempting a side-gig as a professional poker player in-between meetings. Remember to think about the power of Google spreadsheets and Google docs in organizing team activities properly and remotely. Companies like Upwork and Textbroker can handle micro-tasks that waste the time of your team. They contract with low-income people to get little online jobs done rapidly. Having people doing micro jobs for you and your associates frees them up to achieve at the level that you want them to. It is hard to make that important meeting if you are busy writing a final letter of greeting to your latest customer. Have a quality online company do it for you, and you can rest easy.


Making your team shine requires giving them room to grow. Every person has a place. Some are rather odd. Some are rather normal. Give a place on your team to every person, and you will find that even the oddest people have an important role to play. Taking our time with each other and being patient will bring improvement.