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While it is easy to know how much you pay in renting your home or internet service, there are other things that are difficult to tabulate, as you do with spending cash. Although cash expenses can represent only a few dollars a day, these are added every day and can still sink your budget better.

There is an easy way to find out what really spend, and do not take more than five minutes a day. You only need to write down a few numbers and do some simple sums.

A Paper and a Pen is what you occupy

Write down in a small notebook sheet or expenses you make during the day. At the end adds costs and see exactly what you’ve spent. If you do this every day for a week, have a good estimate of what you spend and you’ll be able to perfect your budget according to your needs (or decide to eliminate these unnecessary expenses).

It can be quite tedious to control expenses, especially small ones that are made ​​in cash. If you are a person that does not seem to be born to do this, I recommend you do these cost controls regularly every month, two months or quarter.

And for Lovers of Technology

Exploit the potential of your Smartphone or tablet. I know some applications on mobile phones that allow you to insert your expenses and income in the application and then automatically show our financial results. You can even arrange separate expenses into different categories.

Small Expenses Add Up

Expenses may be small, but all are important. Buy a coffee a day while you’re on your way to work is to spend a few coins, but over a month, the sum of these costs becomes considerable. For example, $ 2 you spend on coffee each day, the month amounted to an expense of approximately $ 60. Every year we spend about more than $ 700. Maybe coffee is a must for you, but for sure there are cheaper alternatives, such as to prepare and consume at home before going out or take it in a thermos for coffee.

Once you know what you spend each day will be closer to building a solid financial base. If you have important financial goals such as buying a house or pay off debt, know what you spend is the first step in achieving these goals.

Do not give up! Whatever you do, do not get discouraged. Take constructive action to improve your finances better have big goals and do nothing for them. If you can spend five minutes reading a column in the local newspaper or the news on Facebook, why not spend five minutes a day to keep track of your spending and move closer to your financial goals?

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