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Passive Income, in general, is the income you earn even when you are not actively working. Another name for passive income is residual income. Most people work day and night most of his life to meet these financial demands, while carefully plan for the future. But for many, the money they earn barely enough or insufficient to meet its responsibilities, so plan for the future seems impossible. If you want to get rid of the burdens and secure your financial security, a good option is to turn about how you perceive as your income: Focus to build passive income.

Remember that passive income is the money received from assets that do not require much of our time and work to continue to produce income, such as income from property or royalties from a book.

Advantages of Passive Income

1. Require Little Time

Jobs usually absorb much of our lives. It’s simple: spend more time working than enjoying ourselves, family and friends. Have more free time to enjoy life seems an impossible dream. A first idea is to work less, but this would earn less. The solution for this problem give us passive income; we can continue to get money without sacrificing much time (although it is possible that the construction of the assets if they consume quite some time).

2. Obtaining Financial Freedom

Passive income can give us that extra money to get by both occupied and build ourselves a better future. But you can go far beyond expenditures and extra savings; you can make this kind of income your main or only source of money. In reaching this being said you get financial freedom because you can live fully with revenues that do not absorb a lot of time to get them; he is free to do whatever without worrying all the time for work to earn money. I have to say that is not easy to achieve financial freedom, require a lot of dedication and work smart.

3. Potential Investments

Thought of creating your wealth through passive income is motivating to find investments that generate more money. It is a wheel that once it starts to move it will not stop. You get more assets that produce passive income older, so it becomes a good way to make money.

Passive income is not a myth, most important is to understand that is the end result of financial activity, and is not a free way to make money. In other words, so that the income is truly “automatic”, you have to work very actively, meaning that you must first find the sources of passive income, then that is most important, turn them into these forms of income.