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Banners are excellent advertising mediums. It is no wonder that almost all businesses have one or more. Trade show exhibitionists and convention attendees routinely use them, and they are a constant at conferences, seminars and workshops.

If you have a particularly compelling banner that you got from Quality Sign Designer and aren’t looking to purchase a new one anytime soon, there are things that you can do to keep those banners looking good as new even when they have been exposed to the elements after being hung for so long.

However, before we jump right into the maintenance tips, we need to explain clearly the difference between the different types of banners. Banners are often made from PVC materials or fabric materials. The PVC banners are often called vinyl banners. These are great for outdoor advertising. That said, let’s get to what you need to do to keep them going for a long time.

Avoid Folding Vinyl Banners

No matter what, avoid folding banners made from PVC. Vinyl banners never do well when folded. So, instead of folding it up, roll it up and pack it up gently. Folding damages the graphics and compromises the firm structure of the vinyl banner.

Watch Out for the Wind

Vinyl banners typically don’t do well with winds. You need to install them in locations with less wind as consistent exposure to extreme winds can damage the banner within a few days. What you might want to do to protect the banners from the wind is to make sure that they are securely fastened at every 3-6 feet. An even better tactic would be to hang your banner on the wall. Doing this will protect the banner from wind pockets that will stretch the banner and damage it in the process.

Take Advantage of the Base

If you have a retractable banner, you can do the smart thing by simply rolling up and placing the banner in the base of the banner stand and then transferring it to your car for transport. This is far better than just rolling it up and putting them on the backseat of your vehicle.

Face the Banner Away from the Sun

Depending on where your banner is displayed, you should do everything to make sure that it is not facing the sunlight directly. Even when printed with UV ink and laminated, direct exposure can dull the surface and reduce its lifespan.

We recommend facing the banner northwards instead of southwards. Hanging on the east and west sides of the building will also help it last long too. That way, it does not catch the sunlight and can get its message across.

However, if you do not have any choice regarding your location’s southward facing position, you can still do something to increase its lifespan. Simply make sure that the banner is stretched tight from end to end, grommet it at every foot, and pin it to the wall at each grommet.

Wash and Clean the Banner

Cleaning your banners does not have to be a difficult thing to do. However, you must be careful as you need different cleaning materials for different banners. For the fabric or nylon banners, mild soap and warm water should do the trick – even if they are digitally printed. You could either machine wash or hand wash them yourself. To dry them, avoid using the dryer as that will wrinkle it. Instead, spread them on a line so they do not get wrinkled.

Vinyl banners, on the other hand, need no detergents or soaps. All you need is a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water. Clean the banner in circular motions and avoid adding too much pressure, so the graphics do not get smeared or damaged. Once done, allow it to dry outside in the sun and then roll it up for storage or hang it up again for further display.

The writer, Oscar King, used to own his own small business and depended as much on traditional advertising methods as he did on internet advertising methods. If you wish to learn more about Oscar you can visit on Google+.