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The drive to start your own company could come from the dream of becoming your own boss or wanting to make your own mark within your specific industry. Whatever the reason, the most important thing is to create a strong business plan and build a solid base for your company to succeed.

I would suggest contacting a lawyer so as to avoid any potentially dangerous mistakes. Heres a link for a law firm I have worked with and trust. I encourage you to call them and discuss your particular business plan to avoid any possible legal problems down the road.

Beyond the basic legal requirements, here are 5 things you should definitely take into account when opening your own company.

1. Define Your Company Identity

Do not be afraid to spend some time defining your company persona and figuring out what you want to offer. Knowing who you are as a company is the best way to provide solid service and ensure customer satisfaction. It will also help keep you on track to work towards your overall goal.

2. Identify Your Target Market

If you try to provide a service for everyone, then there is a chance youll neglect the group that could really become your main source of income. Defining a range of customers will help you focus on whats important for them, which at the end of the day will mean personalized service and a quality product. Theres a very interesting article on LinkedIN stating that 55% of customers would have no problem paying extra money if that meant better service. Wouldnt you want to be this kind of service provider?

3. Come up With a Marketing Strategy

Every marketing initiative should respond to a general strategy. Launching several different campaigns could be perceived as messy and unprofessional, plus, it may not have the reaction you were anticipating. Keep your objectives clear, so every ad or promotion feels relevant to your brand and appealing to your existing and potential customers.

4. Watch Your Competitors Closely

Since you are a new company, surely there will be things to learn from close competitors. Keep an eye on them, even if you do not agree with their business philosophy. It will help you get a clearer view of who you want to be as a company and what you want to avoid. Remember that even though you want to be different, customers may already be accustomed to a certain style of products. With that in mind, be original as possible while staying true to customer needs and desires.

5. Go Your Own Way

Even though there are basic rules to follow, one of the secrets to being successful at what you do is to enjoy the process. You have to do your best to keep that initial motivation and excitement, its the easiest way to avoid boredom and feel tempted to quit.

Do you own your own business? Have any secrets to share? Make sure to leave you comments below and get the conversation started.